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Please list the name and age of each child eligible for Daycare Program. Camp Ao-Wa-Kiya’s Daycare Program is limited to children who are 4-10 years of age. We ask that you make other arrangements for children who will not be campers or be eligible to serve as Junior Staff.
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Realizing the great responsibility and opportunity of working with children at Camp Ao-Wa-Kiya, I agree to: Sacrifice personal desires in the interest of the campers; Cooperate with the directory and other leaders under whom I serve; Obey camp and staff regulations printed in the staff manual; Endeavor to be a blessing to the campers with whom I work by helping to enrich their lives spiritually, physically, and mentally; and Uphold the standards and doctrinal position of Camp Ao-Wa-kiya (a copy of the doctrinal statement may be obtained at I hereby release and agree to hold harmless from liability any person or organization, whether listed or not, who provides information or references about me to Camp Ao-Wa-Kiya. I waive any right I might have to inspect references provided on my behalf. I certify that I have neither been convicted of, nor am I the subject of pending charges, for any offence involving actual or attempted child abuse or sexual molestation in any jurisdiction. If you agree, write your full name below.

You can also download an application to print out here, and then mail it to the camp address.